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The Connecticut Health AI Collaborative

A Collaborative Community shaping the future of AI in Connecticut Healthcare


The Connecticut Health AI Collaborative is dedicated to advancing healthcare in the State of Connecticut through the power of artificial intelligence.

Its mission is to bring together healthcare professionals, AI experts, policymakers, and visionaries from around the state of Connecticut to develop groundbreaking applications that revolutionize patient care, optimize medical processes, enhance diagnostics, and reduce costs.

Operating within the guidelines of the national Coalition for Health AI, the FDA’s Community Collaborative and Software as a Medical Device frameworks, the Collaborative will prioritize inclusivity, transparency, and coordination to ensure the highest standards of ethical and regulatory compliance. Together, we aim to revolutionize healthcare and create a healthier future for the citizens of Connecticut.  

Invitation to Join

We cordially invite the Connecticut healthcare community and all interested parties to join with us in this exciting collaboration, as we work together to create a lasting impact on the future of healthcare in Connecticut.

By contributing your expertise, insights, and passion, you'll be part of a dynamic network of professionals committed to transforming the industry through AI-driven innovations. Whether you're a medical practitioner, AI expert, researcher, or enthusiast, your participation will be invaluable in shaping the direction of the Collaboratives projects and driving meaningful change in healthcare for generations to come.

To join or for more information email: or click the "Register" button below.


About Us

The Collaborative is the work of a volunteer organizing committee committed to orderly implementation of AI in healthcare. The committee is comprised of physicians, hospital administrators, technologists, and c-suite executives. They will serve in this volunteer capacity until the Collaborative is officially formed and an executive committee named. It will then be up to the executive committee to select those individuals who will assume management of the collaborative on an ongoing basis.